We are Pioneers in India since more than 27 years in Home Health Care!

Fall[S] Institute Of India (FII)

This is the 1st Institute in the world meant only for Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Fall Disease [FD]  

Falls among seniors (individuals 65 years & older) have become a significant health concern in India. Falls are the leading cause of fatal & non-fatal injuries for Senior citizens all over the world. Falls threaten seniors’ safety & independence & generate enormous economic & personal costs. More than the one-third of seniors’ experience falls, which can have a disastrous physical & psychological impact, resulting in disability, chronic pain, loss of independence, reduced quality of life and even death, occurs.
When fall occurs, a growing number of older adults limit their activities & social engagements, which affects them mentally, socially, physically & emotionally too. They experience the feeling of helplessness, depression and other adverse effects that is dreadful for their health & wellness.

FII Founders

Dr. Sanjay Bajaj

Chief Innovative Officer
(CIO) & Founder, FII
Mo - 9823013891

Dr. Sushrut Rajan

Co-Founder, FII Sanjeevani Hospital
Mo - 9673050242

Dr. Avinash Joshi

Sr. Psychiatrist

Dr. Madhukar Kherde

Kherde Hospital
Consultant Physician Diabetologist
Mo - 9822562665

Our Mission


To make our organization an ACO [Accountable Care Organization] in the field of Home Care Medicine.


To give every deserving older Indian high-quality patient-centred care, who visits our Geriatrics Facility.

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